Youtube 1M COVID misinfo

YouTube has been trashing videos with wrong information about the COVID-19 since February 2020. Removed misinformation videos range from false cures or baseless claims about the coronavirus that many people worldwide have watched.

The company removed more than a million videos as its goal to fight against misinformation festering in the platform. However, YouTube did not fully specified just how many views or likes these 1M videos are. It also did not reveal the process on removing them from the platform.

According to YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, “bad content represents only a tiny percentage of the billions of videos uploaded on YouTube.” For over 1M COVID misinformation videos, it’s significantly a lot.

Besides YouTube, other giant companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are also facing the issue and are figuring how to combat it as they go with evolving new policies further.

Facebook recently announced that it would be “sharing messages” about the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine. The company also removed fallacies that there are no FDA-approved vaccines.

Well-informed users who have seen videos that are spreading wrong misinformation about the coronavirus can report the content. Simple click on the three dots “” under the video in question and click on the “Report” button.


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