Yet another Chinese company falls under suspicions of acquiring data of its users without permission. In an exclusive Forbes report, smartphone brand Xiaomi is revealed to be collecting private web and phone activities of its mobile users.

The said article mentioned that Xiaomi smartphones record data of whatever the user is doing, and then the data are sent to remote servers hosted by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which is supposedly rented by Xiaomi.

Among the data sent are browser records and history including all the websites visited by the user, search queries, and items viewed on the news feed feature of a Xiaomi software. The report said that this went on even when users are in incognito mode.

Apart from this, Xiaomi also allegedly records which folders users access, as well as the status bar and the settings page. For this, data are sent to Singapore and Russia-based remote servers, although their web domains are revealed to be registered in Beijing, China.

Xiaomi purposedly denied the allegations, saying that privacy and security is the company’s top concern.

According to one of the leading smartphone companies globally, the data of their users is encrypted when transferred for privacy purposes, although authorities say that the base64 encryption of the data can be cracked into readable information in just a few seconds.

Xiaomi further emphasized that it “strictly follows and is fully compliant with local laws and regulations on user data privacy matters.” The company affirmed that it collects data although the identities of users from which information was recorded remain anonymous.


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