White Ops, Athena Dynamics to bring anti-bot cybersecurity solutions in Asia


Global cybersecurity leader White Ops joined forces with the Singaporean cybersecurity firm Athena Dynamics to provide first-class anti-bot cybersecurity solutions.

Combining White Ops’ expertise in sophisticated bot protection and Athena Dynamics’ excellent track records in Critical Information Infrastructure Protection together will support partners worldwide. 

Athena Dynamics will market White Ops’ Marketing Integrity solution and Application Integrity solution, which will empower customers to prevent bot attacks and fraud. 

Both of these partners look forward to developing full-fledged marketing and support competency center in Singapore to bring forth these propositions in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

For more information about White Ops and Athena Dynamics solutions, visit their website at https://www.whiteops.com/ and https://athenadynamics.com/, respectively.