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Kaspersky showed messenger apps that are the most popular among phishing scammers, with WhatsApp taking the lead.

From the anonymized data between December 2020 and May 2021, WhatsApp takes the big cut of 89.6% malicious links. This followed by Telegram of 5.6%, then Viber with a share of 4.7%, and finally Hangouts with less than one percent. 

For countries suffering the highest number of phishing attacks would be Russia (46%), Brazil (15%), and India (7%). Globally, the company recorded 480 detections per day.  

With the number of people affected by phishing scams such as within WhatsApp, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android added the Safe Messaging feature. This feature prevents users from opening malicious links that they receive in messenger apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts) and through SMS. This allows Kaspersky to detect and analyze anonymized clicks on phishing links across messenger apps collected for data. 

“Statistics show that phishing in instant messenger apps is still one of the most popular tools among scammers. This is partly due to the wide popularity of these apps among the audience, as well as the ability to use the built-in functionality of applications to carry out attacks,” explained Tatyana Shcherbakova, Senior Web Content Analyst at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky suggests following these simple tips to reduce the risk of falling from phishing scams across messenger apps: 

  • Be vigilant and look for misspellings or other irregularities in links
  • A “chain scheme” is common practice, where a scammer asks a user to share the malicious link with his contacts which then looks legitimate to other users, as it is from a person they know. Be aware and don’t share any suspicious links with your contacts 
  • Scammers often use WhatsApp and other messengers to communicate with users found on a legitimate resource (for example, various marketplaces and accommodation booking services) and use them as a method of communication in malicious messages. Even if messages and websites look real, the hyperlinks, most likely, will have incorrect spelling, or they can redirect you to a different place.
  • Even if a message or letter came from one of your best friends, remember that their accounts could also have been hacked. Remain cautious in any situation. Even if a message seems friendly, be wary of links and attachments.
  • Install a trusted security solution and follow its recommendations. Security solutions will solve the majority of problems automatically and alert you if necessary.

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