Music gets us through the good times, bad times, and even anything in-between. At this time of the COVID-10 pandemic, when people must rely on each other for strength, music could be that one unifying element that will keep us together while apart.

With this in mind, Vivo gives us four simple ways to create and celebrate music with friends:

Create a collaborative playlist

When you’re getting tired looping your regular playlists, try exploring recommended tunes with your friends by setting up playlists in music-streaming apps. Categorize them according to various “feelz” to make sure you never run out of things to listen to, no matter what you’re feeling at the moment.

Enjoy concerts and musicals together

Among the best things during this stay-at-home season is the free online screening of several successful and much-talked-about stage musicals and concerts. Catch these shows and spend them with friends through browser extensions such as YouTube party that allows people to stream videos at the same time.

Create music 

Being cooped up at home can be an excellent way to create and produce tracks — and what better way to do this with friends. There are plenty of apps in the Vivo app-store that allow for collaborative recording. Try out apps with built-in instruments, vocal editor tools, and instrumental loops to create studio-quality tracks.

Host live concerts

While you’re at creating music, why not release your tracks online via Facebook live concerts? Gather your “bandmates” and share the fun online through the power of music.

Easy and accessible

The best part is you can do all these using your Vivo phone. Head to the Vivo app store, download apps that allow for music collaboration and consumption, and revel in your phone’s ability to run these apps seamlessly.


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