Tonik to close zero-balance accounts with no activity for 60 days


Philippines’ all-digital bank Tonik announced closing accounts with zero balance and no activity, per the latest update on its Terms & Conditions.

The new Terms & Conditions for Tonik Deposit Account, Mobile Application & ATM/Debit Card (General Terms & Conditions) will be effective by August 31, 2022, with several changes are:

  • Zero balance Solo / Group Stash with no debit or credit activity for 6 months will be closed;
  • A matured Time Deposit with no rollover instruction will be closed;
  • A zero balance Tonik Account with no activity for 60 days will be closed;
  • A zero balance Tonik Account with no login to the App 60 days after onboarding will be closed;
  • When a Tonik Account goes dormant (due to no customer initiated debit or credit transaction for 2 years or 730 days), all Stashes of that Tonik Account will be closed (the remaining balance will be transferred to the dormant Tonik Account), and any Time Deposits with rollover instruction will cease to roll over once Tonik Account falls dormant (Time Deposit of a dormant Tonik Account will mature at the next maturity date).

To this end, the company suggests customers top up their Tonik accounts via PESONet or apply for a loan in the app to keep their accounts active.

To read more, visit Tonik’s Terms & Conditions page at