While the Department of Education (DepEd) pushed the resumption of classes from August 24 to October 5 for public schools, distance learning in the private sector has already began. Some kids in these schools may not be feeling up to the new normal way of studying and thereby wouldn’t feel motivated or engaged. Parents may have to either whip them to shape the Asian way or find other ways to keep them focus and attentive.

Here are some simple tips to help kids engaged in their e-learning:

Remove distractions as much as possible

Fundamentally, a student needs to have a space free from distractions in order to be focus. Providing an environment free from noise, a neat and private space would be enough to avoid kids having their thoughts floating somewhere else. As for keeping them focused on screen, make sure to turn off all notifications in the devices used for distant learning to stick in their online classes.

Give them snacks or refreshment to help them focus

Once all distractions are out of their hair, giving them some bite-sized and messy-free snacks or some refreshment bolster their mood and energy to keep them going, especially during long hours of online classes. And, unless classes doesn’t require your kids to keep their audio on, make sure these snacks doesn’t cause noise either while snacking on.

Make them wear a uniform even if it’s not necessary

While your kids don’t require uniforms during online classes, it does help students focus on their class similarly when providing them munchies– it sets the mood as though your kids are about to go to school. Besides, letting your kids wear their pajamas during classes would only make them feel too comfortable as they are studying at home.

Support them with positive feedbacks

At the end of the day, everyone are adjusting to the new normal ways of living amid the pandemic. It’s natural for your kids to be frustrated and feel not being up for online learning all the time. That why it’s highly important to support them through their unprecedented journey as much as you supported them through and through back in the days they go to school. Some encouraging words that let them know their efforts have been acknowledged is a great way of boosting your kids to keep on rolling.


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