Date someone that matches your Vibes. Popular dating app Tinder is bringing an in-app event for users to have a new way to express and share opinions dubbed ‘Vibes.’

Vines builds on previous in-app events like Swipe Night and Swipe Surge, which help to match 25% more people. Users go back to the platform many times and find matches thanks to Vibes. If the vibe check matched, the users can resume their conversation through video chat.

Tinder will now quiz you on your vibes

How it works

  • Members are alerted when Vibes has started in their area via push notification – or when the app is opened.
  • Participants answer a series of questions—from personality traits to pop culture—to give insights on potential matches.
  • Vibes will be displayed on member profiles for 72 hours.
  • When participants of Vibes match, they will see each other’s Vibes within the chat window.
  • Vibe events aren’t one time but last only for 48 hours.

“Your Tinder profile should be an authentic representation of yourself, and that often changes as you explore who you are, what you want, and what’s happening around you. We built Vibes to help make profiles as dynamic as our members while giving them more to match on along the way,” said Udi Milo, VP of Product at Tinder.

Vibes will launch worldwide in late May.


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