Tinder block contacts

Tinder now allows users to avoid all kinds of people they wouldn’t want to encounter on the app by blocking their contact number- Tinder “Block Contacts.”

This allows users to use Tinder free from their friends, family or even exes. To access the feature, go to the settings of Tinder app under the “Block Contacts” menu. From there, users can enlist or upload which contacts they’d like to block. 

According to the company, the app will only store contacts that users chose to block, which can be unblocked or disconnected at any time. Of course, blocked contacts will not know at all. Meanwhile, blocked users who changed their phone numbers will remain blocked as long as they have their Tinder account.

Tinder block contact feature is only a preventive measure, which should have been launched earlier. Users now have the option to avoid the possibility of running into awkward situations, such as meeting their exes.


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