Tetris Royale te enfrenta a 99 jugadores en línea ...
The previous version of “Tetris”, “Tetris Royale”

By April 2020, several mobile versions of “Tetris” will be shut down but come new official replacement for it available on Andriod and iOS.

Based on N3twork and The Tetris Company in their mid-2019 announcement, the new “Tetris” is expected to have a feature of online-multiplayer mode and a daily game-show-format knockout mode.

Licensed under The Tetris Company developed by mobile studio N3twork, “Tetris” was formerly known as “Tetris Royale”. In the meantime, the game is available with a classic solo mode and online leaderboards, which also features diverse theme options from a classic makeover, cutesy blocks, or Gameboy-style retro, in which you’ll sure to find something that livens up your gameplay.

In a game of “Tetris Royale”, it provides a clash between a hundred players in a last-player-standing style. The elimination format is a hallmark feature of popular Battle Royale action games like “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”.

New Zealand’s “Tetris Royale” also featured Primetime Mode, which is a live event featuring hosts Maudie Garrett and TV actor Millen Baird, which is inspired by the live game of “HQ Trivia”. However, it is unknown if the N3twork version of “Tetris” would offer prizes like “HQ Trivia”. Additionally, the implementations of microtransactions haven’t been done in this upcoming version of N3twork’s “Tetris”.