Taiwanese producer MediaTek has disclosed the Helio X20, its deca-center mobile processor.

The ten centers are partitioned into three groups: a double center handles the most escalated assignments, supported by two quad-centers that handle everything else.



As of late, Mediatek  began pitching the Helio X20 to telephone producers and OEMs and a great deal of that was released on the web, so the chip’s capabilities and how it stacks up against a Snapdragon 810 can be more accurately gauged.


A couple of new presentation slides now showcase the noteworthy chip in considerably more detail and paint an exciting picture of what is basically a world’s first on the versatility front.

As a matter of importance, the X20 SoC is in light of an interesting tri-group outline and has a phenomenal number of centers: 10. These incorporate four force effective Cortex A53 centers timed at 1.4GHz, and another four, at 2.0GHz, and two top of the line A72 centers, with a recurrence of 2.5GHz. This is all entwined by a custom Interconnect IP called MediaTek Coherent System Interconnect (MCSI).




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