Spirit of the North, The Captain is now free for a limited time on Epic Games Store!


Epic Games Store is back at it again in featuring indie games for this week’s free game listing: “Spirit of the North” and “The Captain.”

Spirit of the North is an adventure title taking inspiration from Nordic folklore, where you play as an ordinary red fox bound by a magical spirit fox, exploring the mystical landscapes of Iceland to self-discovery. No narration or dialogue will be involved. It’ll be just you and the breathtaking view.

On the other hand, The Captain is a pixel-based game offering players a sci-fi adventure experience. Play as the Spacefleet science officer who got lost on the other side of the galaxy and has to go back to Earth fast to save it- may it be through helping or sacrificing alien civilizations. Travel through the universe earning friends and making enemies along the way!

These titles are available for free today until September 22, exclusively at Epic Games Store! Sign up for an account now to score more games for your library!