Sony shared that the PlayStation 5 packaging is eco-friendly, which earns good points for environmentally-conscious gamers out there.

The box that contains the PS5 is fully recyclable, hardly made of plastic and glue-free.

The only plastic you’ll see on and in the box would be the accessories’ handle and wrapping. In fact, Sony ditched the use of expanded polystyrene, plastic trays, plastic cable ties, plastic protection bags, and plastic display windows.

What they used for protection of the cardboard box instead are card inserts and paper pulp cushion trays. They even went so far as to make cable ties out of paper.

PS5 packaging

And when Sony says the packaging is glue-free, it most definitely is. The cardboard box is kept together using folding hanger tabs.

Sony previously announced that it began its Green Management 2025 program to thoroughly remove plastic packaging from its products by 2025.

The PS5 packaging is part of the program, successfully making it 93-99% plastic-free packaging for the console.


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