Skyway Stage 3 a no-truck zone, opens to autosweep

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) announced that its Skyway Stage 3 is a no-truck zone, opening only to Class 1 vehicles with Auto sweep RFID stickers effective July 12. 

The no-truck zone announcement followed after receiving a Toll Operating Permit and a Notice to Start Collecting Toll for Skyway Stage 3. For nearly seven months, the elevated expressway had also operated for free to the public.

According to SMC President Ramon S. Ang, this action would also address safety concerns, reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19 as motorists have moved to the Auto sweep RFID electronic toll collection system. 

Alternatively, regular motorists who still opt to use public roads will also enjoy more space as the Skyway 3 holds 200,000 vehicles daily. As per SMC, that is approximately half of EDSA’s daily traffic volume. 

As of July 2, publicly opened Skyway ramps include Buendia SB Exit and NB Entry, Quirino NB and SB Exit, Plaza Dilao SB Entry, Nagtahan SB and NB Exit, E. Rodriguez SB Exit, Quezon Ave SB Exit and Entry, Quezon Ave NB Exit and Entry, A. Bonifacio NB Exit, NLEX NB Exit, and NLEX SB Entry.

Below is the list of Autosweep installation sites in Skyway and NAIAX: 

  • Skyway Extension NB Ramp – Soldier’s Hills
  • Dr. A Santos NB
  • Dona Soledad NB
  • Runway NB (for Loading only)
  • Buendia NB
  • Nagtahan NB
  • G. Araneta NB
  • Quezon Ave. NB
  • NAIAX Skyway Entry Plaza (NAIAX ALPHA)
  • NAIAX Road A NB Entry (NAIAX Foxtrot)
  • NAIAX Road B NB Entry (NAIAX Golf)
  • NAIAX Airport Road NB Entry (NAIAX Echo)
  • NAIAX Main Toll Plaza A NB (NAIAX Delta)
  • Skyway Main Alpha NB
  • Del Monte Plaza A SB
  • Del Monte Plaza B SB
  • Quezon Ave. SB
  • Plaza Dilao SB
  • NAIAX Skyway Exit Plaza (Nancy Bravo)
  • NAIAX Main Toll Plaza B SB (Nancy Charlie)
  • Dona Soledad SB
  • Dr. A Santos SB
  • Alabang-Zapote SB

For the complete list of Auto sweep RFID installation and reloading sites, visit this website or phone the SMC Tollways Hotline at (02) 5318-8655.


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