Companies Anchanto, SelluSeller, and Wareo announced a mobile-app version of SelluSeller. SelluSeller app is an application that enables users to efficiently fetch and process data to be presented for business decision-making while on the go.

“Through this app launch, we intend to elevate the experience for business owners, so that they can monitor & track their business growth even on-the-go,” said Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO and Founder of Anchanto.

The app consists of a smart dashboard that updates in real-time with sales data, product performance, e-commerce channel-wise performance, among others. It allows users a bird’s eye view of business that can help owners to be informed better when making crucial decisions even while on the go.

Users can also monitor the productivity of their operations team in real-time and that teams can also take care of tasks without the need to be physically present to manage operations.

“This also gives our customers an edge in coherently managing their eCommerce operations, especially in times when most businesses have shifted online and are faster, accurate, and productive is more important than ever,” added Dabhade.


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