SE Labs gives Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert AAA rating


SE Labs, an independent security testing organization, recently awarded Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert a “AAA” rating in its first comparative Enterprise Advanced Security assessment of EDR products. 

In the test, Kaspersky EDR Expert achieved a 100% “Total Accuracy Rating,000” as it detected every threat element with no false positives. 

“There are many different parts to a cyberattack and it’s important to use them all when assessing security products. They might miss one but catch another. In this case Kaspersky EDR Expert caught them all, which is extremely impressive and reassuring,” commented Simon Edwards, CEO, SE Labs.

To determine how effective each EDR product is, SE Labs ran several full-chain attacks against the offerings of five different cybersecurity companies. These attacks were based on real attacker behavior, using the ATT&CK MITRE framework to ensure a more realistic environment. The tests consisted of 17 attacks from four APTs – Wizard Spider, Sandworm, Lazarus Group, and Operation Wocao. Products were then scored on their ability to detect the attack at various different stages, helping to identify any weaknesses in a particular area.

From the results, Kaspersky EDR Expert managed to detect every one of the 17 attacks, across all stages, receiving a “Total Accuracy Rating” of 100%. This score came from the product’s “Detection Accuracy” and “Legitimate Accuracy” ratings, meaning that it not only identified the full range of attacks, but also avoided identifying any false positives. 

Thus, Kaspersky ranked first out of five companies tested for its EDR product, earning SE Labs’ highest possible “AAA” rating. 

“As advanced cyberthreats become more commonplace, businesses need to ensure they have efficient cybersecurity measures in place to keep them safe. Enterprise Advanced Security assessment of EDR products by SE Labs puts the available security offerings to the test against the full-chain attacks of several known APT groups to evaluate their quality and uses advanced scoring system to easily identify the best solution,” commented Alexander Liskin, Head of Threat Research at Kaspersky. 

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert provides visibility across all endpoints on a company’s corporate network and delivers superior defense, enabling automation of routine tasks to discover, prioritize, investigate, and neutralize complex threats and APT-grade attacks.

Interested in reading the full report about its performance can head out to this link

You can also read more about Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert by checking out Kaspersky’s official website.