Startup Scroll was publicly launched on January 28 after a year-long beta-testing phase. Scroll is a service that provides users a faster internet network in which it rids of time-consuming ads and trackers, available on your smartphone or laptop.

By signing in and subscribing to Scroll for $5 or about PHP250 monthly, it decreases the loading time of your internet surfing all the while experiencing little to no ads that hold you down.

As a subscriber, it also offers you news organizations on more than 300 sites- such as USA Today, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Vox Media, among others- and furthermore gives you options to support the news sites you read the most and enjoy. By this, the monthly subscription will be divided based on which news organizations you mostly read.

“Scroll isn’t a browser extension and you don’t just get the Scroll experience in our app. Scroll integrates directly into sites so that they can always recognize you and deliver a Scroll-enabled experience. Once you’re logged in to Scroll in a browser, you’ll automatically get the experience of a better internet,” as the company pointed out, succinctly.

As an additional perk, Scroll also provides audio recordings for those who preferred listening to their news- which you may turn on as easy as clicking a button.

For those who are curiously interested but unsure of committing, undecided users may sign up for a 30-day trial of the service.