Vice President Leni Robredo denied that her office was sending out troll emails and warned the public against email spoofing.

Email spoofing is the creation of emails with a forged email sender address with the purpose of gathering sensitive information from victims such as credit card numbers and personal information for identity theft.

With the source showing “,” the spoofed email shows the subject line “Anti-Terror Law” that includes a message that reads “Get woke go broke.”

[A] ADVISORY: We have confirmed that this message was not sent from our email address. We are looking into the…

Posted by VP Leni Robredo on Saturday, July 11, 2020

“We are looking into the possibility that this may be another case of spoofing, similar to what we have experienced before,” Robredo’s office said in a statement. “We thank all those who brought this to our attention.”

According to fact-checking organization Vera Files, the vice president has been the top victim of viral fake quotes on social media in 2019.

Robredo has been pushing for stricter safeguards against authority abuse under the controversial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. The new law is seen to stray or disregard constitutionally-protected civil rights and freedom in the country.


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