Guruprasad Gaonkar, APAC SaaS Leader, Office of Finance (ERP) and Digital Supply Chain at Oracle, provided a take on the #HitReset moment to inspire leaders to target big goals, commit to continued simplification to building resilience in the next normal and celebrate wins along the way.

Gaonkar explained that the world is no longer linear, and changes are happening at lightning speed, in which businesses are forced to change and adapt.

However, to make an impact, Gaonkar advised businesses to go slowly. They need to prioritize building trust among their employees and other key stakeholders, collaborating across functions, and reaching out early and often to investors to reset performance expectations.

Gaonkar cited Aurobindo Pharma, one of India’s leading pharma company, that the “digitalization is an evolving journey.” That one needs to start slow, all the while having a bigger vision. It also required planning on how to manage the change and adoption of digital above all.

No doubt, businesses will have to work out with ever-evolving technology despite it being an unfamiliar territory. Gaonkar noted that not every organization on its own would be able to understand these technologies and how they relate it to their businesses. By the time many of these technologies hit their stride, it may be too late to catch up. So, it is imperative to start exploring early.


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