Report spam, scam messages — Globe

Image by Globe.

Amid the escalating cases of online fraud and spam, Globe Telecom encouraged its customers to use the company’s reporting tool to stop shameless people from deceiving or exploiting the public via calls and text messages.

Simply visit Globe’s Stop Spam and fill out the online form. Once Globe receives the report, the company will respond by deactivating numbers proven to be fraudulent.

Basic signs to know a text message is a scam is by the contact number of the recipient. Official Globe advisories only come from a 4-digit or alphanumeric sender code. This means any message from 11-digit numbers signals as a scammer pretending to be the company.

Other signs include the capitalized letters and grammatical errors.

“We are concerned about the problems that could arise from these calls and text scams. This is why we continuously work to combat this malicious behavior to provide a spam-free experience for all our customers,” said Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer.