realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves, Cooling Back Clip

Realme Philippines launched its latest mobile gaming accessories: Mobile Game Finger Sleeves and Cooling Back Clip.

Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves consist of superconducting electric silver fiber to achieve strong conductivity and high sensitivity. It has a 0.25mm ultra-slim design and Spin Covering Yarn technology to replicate real touch and responsiveness.

It’s also durable in that it can last 10 years thanks to its Thermal Fused Seamless interface. All of these features make up for effective and smooth gameplay.

Meanwhile, the realme Cooling Back Clip is a rapid cooling device for smartphones that are heating up too fast. The Semiconductor Enhanced Heat Dissipation allows cold air to push across the entire device, inside and out.

It also operates silently up to 27dB, providing a quiet gaming experience. It also comes with colorful lamp effects to fit the gaming ambiance as you play. Its free stretch design provides flexibility in use, supporting smartphones in different sizes and build without harming the shell frames.

Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves retails at PHP240 while the realme Cooling Back Clip costs PHP1,590 on Shopee.


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