Rampant text scams likely supported by foreign criminals


Foreign criminals are likely behind text scams targeting telco customers in the Philippines, said PLDT’s wireless unit, Smart Communications, Inc. 

“Based on our initial investigation and through our cooperation with law enforcement agencies and state investigators, it is highly possible that foreigners are behind the text scams that have plagued mobile users in the country,” said PLDT and Smart FVP and chief information security officer Angel Redoble.

“They are working with domestic operators to purchase prepaid SIMs in bulk and use these to send ‘smishing’ messages,” the official added.

Based on the investigation of PLDT and Smart’s Cyber Security Operations Group, the smishing attacks are most likely being sent person-to-person and do not come from a website or a program.

The telco urged customers to avoid clicking the links found in spam messages and report smishing texts and fraudulent activities to cybersecurityincidents@smart.com.ph.