Future Qualcomm-based Android phones will get four years of updates


Google reached an agreement with smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm to provide up to four years of updates for future Android devices instead of the typical two-year update support.

By future Android phones, Google will support all Qualcomm chipsets that start with the Snapdragon 888 with three Android OS version updates and four years of security patches.

The Google-Qualcomm agreement aims to make Android entirely backward compatible with older components by three generations. This means Android users with Qualcomm chipsets can cherish their phones much longer.

The move will not only get rid of the downside about Android phones but will also even the competition against Apple’s iPhones that get software updates for up to five years.

Take note that the four-year update will only be thoroughly enjoyed for those with smartphones with the Snapdragon 888 or later that will update into the Android 11 system. Android phones with older chipsets may get half if they’re lucky.

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