Legend of Mana for PS4, Nintendo Switch

The classic action role-playing video game, Legend of Mana, for PS4 and Nintendo Switch now arrived in the Philippines!

The Legend of Mana is the fourth installment in the Mana series, published in 1999 by Square for the PlayStation.

With the PS4 and Nintendo Switch support, fans can revisit the game in a better light. Get to know the characters, fight against monsters, and complete quests once again with a fresh new perspective.

What’s more, the game added a new feature and a mini-game called Ring Ring Land. The game also packs rearranged music, but players can choose between the new and original soundtrack.

The PS4 version retails at PHP1,595, while the Nintendo Switch edition costs PHP 1,995. Get the game online through DataBlitz and GameXtreme.


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