The Philippine National Police (PNP) stated that it will acquire a CCTV Rapid Deployment System for counter-terrorism operations.

It comprises 10 deployable CCTVs with Artificial Intelligence, a video management system, 10 CCTV mobile trailers and 10 generators. Each camera is loadable with 200 pictures of wanted criminals and terrorists. There will be 3 cameras in each 10 CCTV mobile trailers, which makes it a total of 30 cameras, to optimize documentation of the operations.

According to PNP Chief and Police General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar, the following cameras has already been provided. The entire system will be fully delivered by next month.

PNP will procure a CCTV Rapid Deployment System with a total budget of around PHP60 million. (Source: PNP)

Eleazar shared that they have also saved about PHP45 million from the Body-Worn Camera System (BWCS) acquisition. Combined with the PHP19 million savings from the recently upgraded PNP Command Center, these savings total the entire budget to about PHP 64 million for the system.

Eleazar added that the announcement of these allocations is a testament to PNP’s transparency and honesty in spending funds.

“Our countrymen can hope that even the smallest oddity, not even a penny, will go into the pocket of any policeman,” said Eleazar.


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