PlayStation 5 gamepad looks like futuristic Xbox controller

Entire roster of Playstation gamepads.

The overall scheme of Playstation 5 controller was revealed on April 7, ahead of a Holiday 2020 launch for the Playstation 5. From DualShock to DualSense, the controller transforms into a whole new look crawled out from the vortex of science fiction with a striking upgrade on haptic feedback and content sharing.

Executives from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) had already outlined how the PS5 controller would integrate haptic feedback and adaptive trigger buttons that provides differing levels of resistance.

With the built-in microphone, players will not require to use or even buy a headset during in-game conversations. The company also added a new feature “Create” button, teasing that it will “[pioneer] new ways for players to create epic gameplay content.” The PS 5 controller intends for ergonomic grip for a variety of hand sizes, with its curved outer edges pay homage to the boomerang-style prototype from the PlayStation 3 era.

Sony will be sharing the full console design and its launch pricing in the coming months.