A new study commissioned by an international research group revealed that 49% of Filipino online users access streaming piracy website or torrent sites.

Commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) and conducted by YouGov, the survey showed that the levels of piracy went as high as 53% within the 25-34 age demographic, and 47% of online users who accessed these piracy sites canceled their subscriptions to both local and international content services.

In light of this, the survey suggests that a regulatory site-blocking mechanism should be instituted, supported by 53% of Filipino consumers. This also reflects the Senate Bill 497 or otherwise known as the ‘Online Infringement Act’ that seeks to create a regulatory site-blocking mechanism, empowering the authorities to ensure that ISPs take “reasonable steps to disable access to sites whenever these sites are reported to be infringing copyright or facilitating copyright infringement.”

The majority of Filipino consumers seemed to be aware of the risks undertaken in engaging in online piracy, with their top three concerns being funding crime groups (55%), loss of jobs in the creative industry (50%), and malware risks (49%).

The new survey also bared that the levels of piracy in the Philippines went higher than its Southeast Asian counterparts, Malaysia and Indonesia, both of which have seen significant reductions in online piracy over the last 12 months.

“The ill-effects of online piracy cannot be underestimated. We have been an advocate of content streaming through legal sites only through our #PlayItRight program. This advocacy educates people on the impacts of online piracy and on making the right choices when it comes to online consumption,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.


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