PH firm RUSH made it to Outlook’s top 10 eCommerce solutions companies in 2022


RUSH, the loyalty and e-commerce arm of Globe’s 917Ventures, is part of the Top 10 eCommerce solutions companies for 2022 of APAC CIO Outlook– the only Philippine firm to have reached it.

APAC CIO is a print and digital enterprise technology magazine that helps organizations and business leaders learn about the latest IT trends and companies in the Asia-Pacific region. APAC CIO Outlook selects companies based on “the innovative and user-friendly technological services they render to global enterprises and public sector entities.”

RUSH is the only Philippine company selected for the list of these trends, joining other top firms worldwide: Ekky Software (Australia), 020 Ecommerce (Malaysia), Synagie (Singapore), Valtech (UK), Vettons (Malaysia), Fung Omni Services (Singapore), MailAmericas (Argentina), SCI Ecommerce (Singapore), and SP eCommerce (Singapore).

“eCommerce is a competitive space with significant growth potential for companies. RUSH eStore’s end-to-end ecommerce solution allows businesses to launch a successful online store in no time, and help them thrive in the marketplace,” shared Annie Johnson, Managing Editor of APAC CIO Outlook.

Initially launched as a loyalty solution, it offers digital innovations for businesses to manage their customer lifecycle. So far, it has powered successful rewards and retention programs of over 100 Philippines’ leading brands and provided them with a consistent competitive edge even during the pandemic.

To help empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to boost their online presence, the company established an ecosystem allowing clients to equip themselves with a one-stop-shop experience through eStore.

“RUSH remains steadfast in helping businesses, especially SMEs, by providing best-in-class technology and impactful synergies at a very fair price point,” said RUSH CEO Stephanie Kubota.

To know more about RUSH, visit their official website here.