PC Building Simulator

Wishing to upgrade PCs but don’t have the budget for it? PC Building Simulator offers the virtual experience, which is now free to get exclusively on the Epic Games Store as of this week’s free listing. 

As the title suggests, PC Building Simulator is a DIY-oriented game for players to get their hands on customizing the gaming PC of their dreams. Technically, players have several options to choose from in getting the parts they want to build for their computer, and it is benchmarked accordingly. 

Players can also experience the feeling of having their small computer shop, may it be for computer upgrades, repairs, or straight-on builds for customers. 

The game retails at PHP391.99 but is free in Epic Games Store until October 14, 2021. Simply sign up or log in to your account to claim the game. A launcher is required to download and play the game. 


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