Park Joon (Left), Lee Young Ae (Right)
Park Joon (Left), Lee Young Ae (Right)
Park Seo Joon (Left), Lee Young Ae (Right). Images courtesy of respective owners.

Actress Park Seo Joon and actor Lee Young Ae donated a whopping amount to their home country, South Korea, in the city of Daegu, the place that had a booming cases of COVID-19-affected people.

According to an article from Soompi website posted on Saturday, Lee donated 50 million won (PHP 2.1 million) on February 21 to “help the citizens of Daegu combat COVID-19.”

“It appears that the situation has worsened for the citizens of Daegu due to COVID-19. Our family hopes that the people of Daegu will be able to overcome these difficult times,” said Lee, quoted to the Korean news website.

Actress Park, on the other hand, donated 100 million won (PHP 4.2 million) after it had come to her knowledge that city lacked proper facilities and medical equipment to treat cases of COVID-19.

“After watching news reports that Daegu does not have enough negative pressure rooms and medical equipment to treat COVID-19 cases, Park Seo Joon donated 100 million won (approximately $82, 850) to help purchase the necessary equipment,” the article quoted the local Community Chest of Korea branch.

 So far, there are 433 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Korea on Saturday, which had sprouted from Daegu city, prompting the Korean government to designate Daegu as a “special management zone.”