AI matchmaking

Kaspersky discovered that most users positively perceive the role of intelligent algorithms in dating services and trust AI matchmaking and its choices.

On an international study in the Asia Pacific (APAC), 54% of users said they would trust the matchmaking choice of AI. In addition, 69% of respondents noted that the algorithm’s recommendations fully correspond to their preferences.

It also applies to online dating apps, where 62% of the respondents agree that dating apps have generally made the process much easier. Moreover, 58% would only meet with matches who the algorithm recommends to them.

The results also mirror a global survey commissioned by ARM where 54% of respondents admitted that they were interested in using AI to serve as personal companions or assistants.

However, users also assert that one should not choose a match based on AI recommendations alone. Over 50% of users admitted they’re unsure if algorithms can cover the entire complexity of factors that attract people to each other. Meanwhile, 43% who are against it find that being matched by algorithms dehumanizing.

“It’s no different in real life. When we meet someone at work, at a sporting event or in a bar, we also first check for similarities. And we usually pretend to be a bit more interesting than we might be. But how the match ‘feels’ in reality, i.e., whether the connection is genuine or artificial, whether the person is interested or bored, can never be truly deciphered by artificial intelligence and its recommendations. Nor can it tell us how the other person smells, laughs, or carries themselves in general,” commented therapists Birgitt Hölzel and Stefan Ruzas from the Munich practice Liebling + Schatz.

“That’s why artificial intelligence and love don’t go together only at first sight. Algorithms may not be able to feel, but they make possible relationships that involve very personal qualities, such as empathy, openness, and emotional stability,” they added.

If you want to learn more about how technologies can change dating and relationships, follow this link.


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