Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

In light of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has placed the entire island of Luzon under a month-long “enhanced community quarantine” since March 15. This is too much for everyone, especially for many people who needed to go out to work and earn income for their daily needs.

But hypothetically assuming that Covid-19 continues to persist, exposing yourself outside to work for long would be a major risk for microbe contamination, even if you’re in a safer region than anybody else right now. So, what about livelihood, then?

Other than recommending to working at home as their primary option, some people are recently looking for jobs online as a temporary substitute while the new coronavirus disease lingers for long that everyone had to remain lockdown. The first issue, however, is how to get started for… starters.

The most common platform for freelance online jobs in the Philippines is Upwork. Upwork is the popular platform for Filipinos who needed to get some quick cash as much as PHP 2,000 a week assuming you work a regular 8-hour period with jobs that are 1$ per hour pay rate- all of this at the comforts of your home and decent wi-fi connection.

All you have to do is register an account, fill up forms that detail your specialization, skills, or experiences if you have any for the job. This information is necessary so you could find clients that fit your job description and services. Build a portfolio for self-promotion as well as getting into relevant tests to determine more of your untapped potential and skills that you may have not discovered yet.

Despite it may seem daunting as much as writing your own resume, what’s nice about Upwork is that it welcomes newbies. This means that you can apply for a job that is as menial as knowing how to work with Microsoft Word and the like. Here is the list of job you can get into as a pure starter:

  • Re-typing/Copy Typing/ Data Processing/Transcribing – Typist would be the term to describe the freelancer who excels in typing, from putting hard-copy content to a soft-copy. This requires you to type what is written on some reading materials, for example. It doesn’t require much thinking, and if you’re confident with how smooth and fast you type on your computer, this kind of work will suit you as a beginner.
  • Encoder/Data Entry – Similar to copy-typing, the task is to input data or information, only in a specific platform particularly in the world of the database. You need to be detail-oriented for the job, but if you’re keen enough you can apply for projects that require you to simply enter raw data.
  • Review writing – If you’re into making reviews about certain products, books, or even applications, this could be the job you might want to go for. What you essentially need as a skill here is your constructive feedback. Depending on your niche, go for that particular thing to review for (e.g. Beauty products). You can even get reviewed products for free!
  • Language-based jobs – If you are fluent in more than two languages, say, knowing how to speak and write in Spanish, you are already a little more ahead than the others. Language-based jobs can range from transcribing audio files or speeches to online language coaching, so depending on how long you want to grind yourself with the work, jobs relating to language are open to a wide range of choices.
  • Customer Service Support – It’s similar to Call Center, in which your job is to provide answers to address inquiries, concerns or even complaints. Free training can be vouched for depending on the client or company you will be working for, so little requires to apply for the job. However, this requires flexibility on your part, as you will have to adjust to some customers you’ll be providing answers for depending on their personality. If you’re fluent in English and speak well, or even had an experience yourself working in a call center agency, you may consider taking a jab at this particular job.
  • Virtual Assistance – The job description is pretty apparent. You get to work on administrative tasks akin to an assistant for his/her employer. What’s slightly different is you can negotiate between you and the supposed client you will be working for and you will only be working at home. What’s required here is you do have the fundamental skill set for it and due extra diligence to whatever your employer asked of you.
  • Social Media Management – For those who are avid social media users, running social media accounts can be sort of a job as well. Clients are looking for tech-literate to tech-savvy freelancers who can monitor, engage, and participate in social conversation across their platforms. For beginners, literary simply managing or posting content from social media for a business or start-up would be easy to pick up. Advanced tasks, however, would involve strategies in integrating social media to promote their business or content, aka social marketing, so make sure you know what you sign up for.

Regardless of whatever you think suits you best as a freelance starter, just make sure to carefully read the description of the work entails by potential clients and be mindful of your time-management. It is a legitimate job, which means it still requires you to follow work ethics and exercise diligence despite no one seemed to be watching you do your work. Find a job that is both fitting and enjoyable to you and- just do it.

If still doubtful but want to know more about the online freelancing route and freelancers themselves, you may join in the group page in Facebook for Upwork Filipinos in this link: