Nissan introduces a new way to drive with e-POWER technology


After perfecting its electric vehicle (EV) technology for over ten years, Nissan will soon be bringing a new driving experience with the upcoming launch of e-POWER technology in the Philippines.

e-POWER is a 100% electric motor-driven system that provides a powerful and smooth drive, with wheels entirely powered by the electric motor. It delivers an EV-like drive that is powerful, smooth, and quiet without needing external charging, thereby also serving as a gateway to full EV ownership.

On the road with e-POWER

Whether in the city, on the highway, or on the quiet side of the neighborhood, e-POWER improves your daily drive. It provides excellent fuel efficiency thanks to its gasoline engine, which runs at an optimal speed and only operates when needed to charge the battery. Practically, this means fewer visits to the gas station, allowing motorists more time to enjoy driving.

It also provides powerful and smooth acceleration, with a system that can instantly deliver massive torque and enhance drive response. Acceleration is also smoother with its precise electric motor control at 1/10,000 per second. This translates to a more exciting and thrilling driving experience.

e-POWER also gives a new level of control, a highly needed feature in a vehicle for busy streets. Its e-Pedal Step feature allows motorists to accelerate and decelerate to a crawl using only the accelerator pedal. Meaning that they only use one pedal to speed up or slow down.

Additionally, e-Pedal Step also has regenerative braking that generates electricity even with slight deceleration, reducing the operation time of the engine to make it more fuel efficient.

When used for quiet trips, a vehicle with an e-POWER system is much quieter than a traditional gasoline-powered car. The system also monitors the wheels to assess road roughness, activating the onboard engine when road noise increases to charge the battery without disrupting the cabin.

To make it even more convenient, the Nissan e-POWER feature also comes with three driving modes: Sport Mode, ECO mode, and Standard mode.

Nissan’s e-POWER technology combines the efficiency of the Japanese car maker’s gasoline engines and the driving dynamics of an electric vehicle like the LEAF. By introducing this revolutionary technology to the Philippines, Nissan is moving towards its vision of bringing the future of mobility closer and making it more accessible to Filipinos.