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After its new feature to filter comments, Instagram features new tools for its users to filter abusive messages and avoid contact from a blocked user.

This is especially helpful for people with huge fans or supporters, as they’re very likely to encounter abuse on the platform.

Instagram specifically targeted DM requests, as it is where people typically receive abusive messages from others they don’t follow. All DM requests that contain offensive words, phrases, or even emojis will be automatically moved to a separate hidden request folder. The recipient can choose what to do with the said messages.

Instagram said they’ve been partnering with giant anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations to improve on their pre-defined list of offensive terms or phrases to be filtered from DM requests.

Much like the comment filtering, the feature relies on AI technology, so it doesn’t share the content of any DM requests with Instagram unless they’re reported.

The feature is estimated to roll out in several countries within weeks and expand to other countries by the next few months.

Activate the feature by toggling on the Hidden Words section under the Privacy Settings.

This is Instagram’s way of addressing online harassment online in its platform. For more information about Instagram’s anti-harassment policies, read more in its official blogs here.


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