New character Saki Fuwa arrives in Tower of Fantasy this November!


Just right after the debut of the new world, Tower of Fantasy finally announced a new simulacrum character, the dual-blade-wielding Saki Fuwa, arriving on November 10!

Saki Fuwa is the captain of the Mirroria Security Special Forces, the first and only genuine human in the group without having to undergo any biomechanical modification. 

As a lover of the ancient fighting style of kendo and donning a traditional kendo uniform, her passionate playstyle often involves powerful bursts of attacks. Being able to tap into “Super Flow, “a state of being able to concentrate her full focus on a single action, her combat prowess is impeccable. Armed with her powerful Heartstream weapon, every swing of her blade is unmistakably deadly against her foes. As a simulacrum, she’s a solid fatal slasher powerhouse to main as an ice element. 

Tower of Fantasy is free to play, available at its official siteApp StoreGoogle Play, and Steam.