Netflix set to create AAA PC shooting game


Netflix has expressed its solemn interest in providing gaming alongside its streaming service. A recent report by revealed that the company posted a job listing for a Game Director who will lead on making a “brand-new AAA PC game” at Netflix Games Studio in Los Angeles, USA. 

The job description confirmed that the company will use Unreal Engine to develop a new game that requires a “world/characters/narrative worthy of a Netflix film/TV series.” Netflix would need a Game Director with ten years of experience in the games industry and who knows how to develop first-person and/or third-person shooters. The company also wants someone with “extensive experience working on live service games.”

An AAA shooting game on PC with live service features? Netflix is likely aiming to create its counterpart to Fortnite or Overwatch, catering to its 200 million+ subscribers worldwide. This speculation is not far off the mark either, as the studio is headed by Chacko Sonny, who had once worked long in the games industry involving Activision, Sony, and Blizzard. Before joining Netflix, he was Production Director and Executive Producer for Overwatch.

Sooner or later, another big shooting game is in the making. This time, by Netflix.