Netflix makes new out of the 90s kids’ show Teletubbies!


Netflix announced that the old-school kids’ TV show, Teletubbies, returns this year as a new series on its platform!

To explain, the original Teletubbies is a 90’s British show for children. It features 4 colorful characters with uniquely-shaped antennas on their heads and a TV screen within their tummies, hence Teletubbies. These 4 characters are Tinky, Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. 

Taking place in an open grass field in a psychedelic setting meant to appeal to young children and infants, the Teletubbies lived together in a dome-shaped house doing their daily routines in a somewhat whimsical yet educational way with a narrator guiding the viewers. 

From the cover itself, it seems that Netflix’s Teletubbies will adopt a similar setting to that of the original preschool show, which may appeal even to adults who have grown to have watched the show or awe the kids of the new generation. Regardless, this is one of the refreshing shows released on Netflix, as this new series is aimed at young children. 

Teletubbies will release on the movie-streaming platform Netflix on November 14. Stay tuned!