If you don’t know what to watch on Netflix, then “Play Something” got you covered.

“Sometimes you just want to open Netflix and dive right into a new story. That’s why we’ve created Play Something, an exciting new way to kick back and watch,” said Netflix.

The “Play Something” feature lets you shuffle through random titles in the platform that you might likely enjoy watching. By random, as in shuffling through the titles according to what you’ve enjoyed from your viewing history.

Play Something Else button
If you don’t like the movie you’re seeing, then Play Something Else button can help you with that.

And if you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can hit up “Play Something Else.” It will direct you to another series or film with similar algorithmic calculations to give you the movie you want.

Netflix planned to release over 40 anime titles this year as its way to hook up fans of the genre. If you haven’t check out the recent anime titles, might as well get started there.


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