MRT-3 develops its own contact-tracing app


Amid the risks the COVID-19 pandemic brings, the MRT-3 Support Division has resorted to developing its own contact-tracing web application called MRT-3 Trace.

MRT-3 Trace is easily accessible through any web browser on any mobile device like smartphones and laptops. It uses a unique quick response (QR) code to admit passengers inside MRT-3 stations.

Passengers must scan these QR codes at the designated spots in the stations and present the verification message to the security personnel to get in.

All information accumulated will be stored in MRT-3’s Data Center for security and easy tracing of individuals while compliant with the Data Privacy Act (Republic Act 1017).

Passengers who do not have smartphones can still manually accomplish the health declaration forms provided by the security personnel at the train stations.

The app will soft-launch on January 18, 2021, and will fully roll out on February 1, 2021.