The holiday season is upon us that is why eCommerce sites are now all out with their sales event while shoppers flock to find the best deals to complete their gift lists.

Managing gift lists for extended families or companies, however, is a big challenge if you have a limited budget. Here are some apps that can help you handle your list without feeling so overwhelmed with the process.

Christmas Gift List (Android)

Christmas Gift List is a free app that facilitates and organizes your Christmas lists hassle-free. Keep track of your budget as you go through buying presents for family members and loved ones while watching the Christmas countdown all in one app.

Santa’s Bag (iOS)

Whether you’re the weird uncle or the generous aunt, Santa’s Bag will help you get through buying presents for all your little nieces and nephews in a neat little bow tie. This user-friendly app tracks your Christmas gift lists and budget, and helps you plan and shop ahead free of charge.

Giftster (Android, iOS, Desktop)

Giftster is your versatile free app useful in managing gift lists for groups of people. This is perfect for those who had to keep track of sending gifts to their families, friends, and co-workers. It’s also a handy app to make an easy gift exchange with its Secret Santa feature.


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