We couldn’t avoid traveling more often even if the pandemic will prevail next year.

With that, it also means that we need to continue enhancing our defense against COVID-19 by thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the natural ventilation inside our vehicles. To address this need, there is the Cherry Car Ionizer.

The Cherry Car Ionizer comes with Air Purifying feature that emits about 20 million negative ions or healthy anions to clear the air of pollen, bacteria, dust, and even viruses.

It becomes more effective as an air purifier by using a 4-stage filtration system and covering your compartment at every angle.

Portable and compact, it also absorbs any harmful gases by employing activated carbon material and rapid fan speed through a powerful turbine for better air circulation.

With its optimized ionizing features coupled with air purifying filter technology, the Cherry Car Ionizer reduces your stress level while on the road, contributing to a better driving experience.

The Cherry Car Ionizer is available on Cherry’s official website or official store channels on Shopee and Lazada for P2,500 apiece.


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