Filipinos posting their photos online which they took from the front camera of their mobile phones have made the Philippines the “Selfie Capital of the World.”

The advancement and the increasing competition in the mobile phone technology have also taken the selfie culture to the next level. From a 3MP front camera and now to an all angle view selfie.

Enter the 360 Selfie! This is something that ad and event agencies, brides-to-be, and marketing hotshots should definitely check out.

vlcsnap-2017-07-19-16h35m04s866 copyA big leap from the usual photobooth, the 360 Selfie utilizes a revolving camera around the subject of 1 to 4 people and creates a smooth TVC-like output featuring the brand or event theme.

Each aspect of the 360 Selfie is customizable from a preferred design or augmented reality special effects, branding, music, and email message when guests opt to send their 360 Selfie video to themselves on-site. Their 360 Selfie video can then be shared across all social media networks.

Guests who share their 360 Selfie video will become instant brand ambassadors of the brand or event, reaching all their social media connections. With a unique post like the 360 Selfie, likes and shares are expected to instantly pour in.


For special occasions like weddings and birthday celebrations where you want to impress your guests, the 360 Selfie setup will immediately make your celebration really unique and stand out from the other events they have been to before. Your wedding or birthday may last for a day, but if your guests have their own 360 Selfie, they will surely talk about your event for a long, long while.

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