KFC, the quick-service restaurant known for its finger-licking fried chicken, is pursuing to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by deploying electric bikes (e-bike) for food delivery in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

The restaurant’s eco-friendly e-bikes boast less carbon footprint, three times lower than fossil fuel-based vehicles in their entire life cycle, as they do not produce direct emissions. E-bikes also do not contribute to noise pollution as well.

“This is a trailblazing initiative for KFC and reflects our continuing pursuit for more ways to contribute to the global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change,” KFC Philippines Chief Operations Officer Jojo Marcelo shared.

KFC has over 300 branches nationwide open for delivery via its website www.kfc.com.ph, the KFC Philippines mobile app, and delivery service number 02-888-7-8888.


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