Keep an eye out on All-Optical ADN: Huawei’s solution to simplifying network  


With the telecom network getting increasingly complex due to the high demand for efficient and high-performing wireless connections, Huawei has been seeking new ways to address this. Mainly, its Autonomous Driving Network, which introduces artificial intelligence (AI) to network that boosts network performance and maximizes user experience.

Now the company has come a long way with its All-optical ADN, a scenario-based solution of the same strategy in all-optical networks. It features the iMaster NCE intelligent management and control system as its core and uses a three-layer intelligent architecture consisting of NE intelligence, network intelligence, and service intelligence. Among notable applications to this solution is fiber optics, where the network optimization can no longer be a manual 24/7 monitoring. This means higher performance to the fiber optics network and delivers a premium fiber connection at your home.

After years of working and perfecting ADN, Huawei has officially published its Autonomous Network Whitepaper to make it come closer to reality. Furthermore, after years of technical standardization and solution implementation, the industry has reached a consensus on the definition of autonomous networks and the evolution direction of network automation.

Even now, Huawei continues to work with industry partners to promote the construction and implementation of the autonomous network in 2023.

In the pursuit of promoting the All-optical ADN solution, Huawei earned the “NGON Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” award in Spain alongside being crowned the “Leader” in “GlobalData WAN SDN Controller” this year, demonstrating its strength and capability.

Huawei also participated in the 2022 NGON WDM forum, WOM, a fastest-growing carrier from Chile, where the company introduced the latest network architecture concepts and strategies in the industry.

Edison Alfaro Leon, Director of the Network Core and Transmission Department of WOM, Chile. (source: Huawei)

As the fastest-growing network in Chile, WOM has over 80 customer service centers and 7 million subscribers after a few years of development. It will now be introducing Huawei’s all-optical ADN solution, jointly ushering in the ADN era of optical networks.

“Huawei will strive to make strategic investments and perform technological innovation in the all-optical ADN field, helping carriers build automated, self-healing, self-optimizing, and autonomous all-optical networks and bring quality connections to every home and enterprise,” said Chu Tao, President of Huawei’s Optical Network Field.

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