Skill Cup, Kaspersky

Kaspersky and Skill Cup collaborated to develop a mobile app that helps parents and their kids better learn all about cybersecurity and digital ethics.

The course aimed to cover key issues and challenges that children commonly face using their devices and going online. 

The app will comprise interactive lessons in a form of a variety of formats, such as articles, videos, quizzes, and infographics. Topics in the app include issues of digital ethics and literacy, including cyberbullying, rules for communicating with strangers, dangerous content (such as groups and challenges), and types of fraud, etc. 

“Today’s children are used to a wide range of social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and others. That’s why the learning format should be adjusted to their content consumption habits. At Skill Cup we use microlearning as a format that helps to deliver knowledge in a fun and engaging way,” says Roman Mandrik, CEO and Founder of Skill Cup.

The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms, which will launch on International Children’s Day. It is currently available in English and Russian. 

More information about the course and the content is available though this link


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