Kaspersky marks the fourfold growth in sales among its managed service providers (MSP) in the first three years of its MSP Foundation project.

Furthermore, many active partners have increased three and a half times since 2018, especially within Europe, North America, and South Africa.

Introducing a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription payment plan, License Management Portal for partners, and a multi-layer cybersecurity product stack has made the Kaspersky MSP program attractive and beneficial for service providers. 

The new pay-as-you-go subscription plan allows MSPs to benefit from an OPEX model and to alter license conditions whenever their customers require, which means paying only for what they need at that moment.

Another area that ensured the success of the MSP Foundation project was the development and adaptation of Kaspersky’s portfolio to service providers of various sizes, security expertise levels, and verticals they cover. Kaspersky products allow MSPs to safeguard customers’ endpoints and cloud workloads from threats automatically.

Growth of active MSP partners year by year
(source: Kaspersky)

Moreover, products such as Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum, and Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response also arm MSPs’ internal security teams with detection and investigation tools along with analytical expert power, knowledge, and assistance in providing services. The portfolio also includes products that help MSPs offer specialized security for embedded devices such as ATMs and POS in finance and banking, along with the protection of industrial control systems (ICS). MSPs can customize their services for clients using various tiers and products while operating from one console in the cloud. 

Kaspersky foresees the MSP will double in the next few years, growing from USD243.33 billion in 2021 to USD557.10 billion in 2028. What’s more, it’s also a focus on expanding their service portfolio, based on a recent global survey of service providers. This focus is in line with the worldwide trend due to IT security services gaining weight and becoming the ‘must have’ in MSPs’ service portfolios. 

Kaspersky will continue investing in MSP businesses following the success of the MSP Foundation three-year project. This includes introducing more products and services specifically for security service providers (MSSPs), continuing to support a cloud-first approach and automation of many routine operations, and integrating more products into a unified MSP-ready single management platform. 

“For further MSP development, we will focus even more on process automation, portal functionality enhancement, and aligning more products with the MSP-readiness concept. These initiatives will support the great promise of transforming our resellers into managed security service partners,” said Veniamin Levtsov, VP Corporate Business at Kaspersky.

For more details about Kaspersky’s MSP program, check out Kaspersky’s official web page here.


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