Instagram birthdays

Instagram users will soon be required to give out their birthdays to continue using the platform. Birthdates will become mandatory for every account, including business, pets, or alternate reality game purposes.

There’s no going around it either, as Facebook will also add an AI to spot those lying about their birthdates.

Facebook explained that this is a necessary move to develop security among youths using Instagram. This ties up to the previously introduced safeguarding feature that prevents children from receiving messages from random adults who don’t follow them.

Soon, Instagram will ask users to reveal their birthdays via messages when they open the app or view “sensitive or graphic” content.

First, Instagram will alert users to show their birthday information a handful of times. Afterwhich, they are given the ultimatum to disclose their birthdates to continue using the app.

Target demographics under 18 will only be based on their age, gender, and location in personalizing ads.


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