Instagram Security Checkup

In further protecting its users against hackers, Instagram introduced a new security check for people with previously hacked accounts. 

Users who had their Instagram accounts compromised before will receive prompt asking permission to start a security checkup when they log in. It will walk users through security steps. The steps include confirming other accounts that share login information, reviewing login activity, and keeping recovery contact information updated. 

In addition to Security Checkup, Instagram will also add a two-factor authentication through WhatsApp.

This is in response to the increasing reports of accounts claiming to be Instagram messaging users to share their passwords. As a matter of fact, Instagram only sends emails, never sending direct messages. To know if the email’s authentic, users can check at the “Emails from Instagram” tab in settings. 

And those who received emails from Instagram asking for a password reset, that came from bots trying to access several accounts at once. The emails can get spammy for some, but it does not mean their accounts got hacked. 


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