Hulu’s latest documentary film follows the renowned teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg who has been spreading awareness about the world’s environmental problems.

The content is exactly as the title suggests: A young girl with Asperger’s syndrome who is trying to make waves to some extent, but not the waves she expected.

Thunberg traveled worldwide to voice out how severe and urgent the climate change issue is, and her frustrations that world leaders aren’t doing anything much about it.

“Adults always say one thing and then do something completely different.”

But the more she tried to spread this message, the more it became a series of platitudes that she has been trying to avoid by adding more details, emphasis, and error-free tweaks to her speeches.

It shows her bravery and idealism beyond what average teens her age would do, but that was simply it. She wowed people and gained massive admirers, talked to some influential figures, and became a speaker for many leading environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, but did little to talk about solutions to the problem.

“We haven’t taken to the streets for you to take selfies with us and tell us you admire what we do.”

The film, ironically, showed more about Thunberg and not about the environmental concerns she was trying to convey, like some reality shows these days.

I Am Greta
Scene from “I Am Greta” documentary film.

Though it may come off as underwhelming and least of what you expect, the film does have some of its own merits.

Perhaps the filmmaker himself, Nathan Grossman, had his reasons to deliver the documentary in this way. From the beginning to the end, the scenes are immersive enough to capture viewers’ hearts about a girl who wants the best for the world.

And while the film shows mixed messages, both negative and positive, it echoes that youth plays an important role as much as adults in pursuing a better future. Perhaps it’s enough that Greta Thunberg, a relatable young girl, inspires to turn heads and strike an insight to make people, young and old, think.


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