HUMAN releases 2021 Bot Management Trends

Cybersecurity company HUMAN, formerly White Ops, revealed in its new research, 2021 Bot Management Trends, that security leaders found bot attacks as a top priority to mitigate amid the escalating cyber threats due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Sophisticated bots can have immense detrimental effects to customer experience, and the time it takes to rebuild trust with customers is time that today’s organizations don’t have,” said Tamer Hassan, Co-founder and CEO of HUMAN.

Sophisticated bots can further enable a variety of cyber threats online. This includes site slowdowns caused by overwhelming traffic, new account fraud, credential cracking/brute force attacks, account takeover, content manipulation, sensitive content scraping, and inventory exhaustion and cart abandonment.

The 2021 Bot Management Trends report released the following key findings, which are:

  • Nearly half of respondents believe their organization would be susceptible to a sophisticated bot attack.
  • 90% of respondents view bot management as a top-five cybersecurity priority.
  • 37% respondents confirmed that they’d been victimized by sophisticated bots in the past twelve months; 30% believe they had but couldn’t confirm.
  • It takes an average of nine months for victims of bot attacks to regain customer trust.
  • 86% of respondents believe most bots are capable of circumventing simple bot mitigation features.

More information about the 2021 Bot Management Trends report is found on the HUMAN website here.

Those interested in Application Integrity, HUMAN’s solution for bot mitigation for applications, visit


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